FAQs About Designing Your Home

Seema Sahni |

faqs about designing your home

When it comes to designing your home the best way to do it is by leaving the job to a professional interior designer. However, you may have questions about why you need to hire a designer when you could just go to a décor shop and buy what you like To ensure you are armed with necessary information about how an interior designer can help you design your home, Flaunt Interiors has answered some of the most frequently asked questions about interior design.

  1. How does a professional interior designer differ from an in-store decorator at a local furniture, tile, or kitchen/bath showroom?

Retail in-store decorators are primarily salespeople. They may only have a limited education in interior design and space planning, unlike professional interior designers who attend comprehensive, accredited three to four years interior design programs at colleges.

Moreover, in-store decorators may not be well versed in scale, proportion, space planning, color theory, etc. They also offer you product selections from their featured lines. Professional interior designers have access to hundreds of trade-only vendors and manufacturers worldwide. If you decide to use an in-store designer be sure to ask about their qualifications to determine if they are the right match for your job.

  1. What do I need for my initial consultation with an interior designer?

The most important thing you should be prepared to discuss is your project budget. If you identify a budget you are comfortable with before your initial consultation, you will feel in control of the process, save time and money and assist your designer in working more effectively.

You will also have a reference file of pictures or items that capture colors, textures, and functionality of what you would like to achieve. This will help to create the space you want.

  1. Will the house look like me or like my designer's?

You live in your home so it should reflect your taste, and though designers encourage clients to be adventurous (that is why you hire a designer), they should never impose their ideas on their clients.

  1. Is there a difference between an interior decorator and designer?

An interior designer has the qualifications required in this discipline (typically a degree or advanced diploma in interior design) and is concerned with every aspect of the way in which interior spaces are laid out, allocated and used along with decorating an interior.

An interior decorator can hold a qualification in interior decoration (such as a diploma), or in some cases retain the title from experience, and is concerned with dressing an interior with things like paint, furnishings, floor coverings, and fabrics for aesthetic purposes.

  1. I know my colors why not just go to a retail chain store and pick out what I want?

Interior Designers have access to several more suppliers and manufacturers than a normal retail chain would have. Generally, retail stores are limited to certain lines and options.

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