How This New Trend Among Millennials Could Affect You

Aa Sahni |

How This New Trend Among Millennials Could Affect You

Change is the only constant in a world that’s perennially evolving and figuring out how to adjust to change could be the difference in making it or being left by the wayside.

As a leading interior design firm, we’ve noticed that there is a new trend that is catching on as clients are becoming more flexible when it comes to living spaces. However, we believe that this trend is based largely on circumstances rather than choice.

As it is becoming increasingly difficult for Millennials to purchase a home, baby boomers are facing the decision of whether to keep their current home and make adjustments to it or opt to sell and go back to renting.

Due to the burden of a mortgage, combined with house maintenance expenses, and the mobility of today’s job market which might call for people to move more frequently than ever before, developers are seeing a rapidly increasing demand for luxury rental apartments.

As a result, designers need to be ready to be more flexible with their services. Clients may no longer want designers to specify products and buy on their client’s behalf. However, they still do value the creative input and experience that an interior designer can bring to the table. Clients understand that designers can help them make informed decisions as opposed to rash choices that can result in costly corrections.

Clients are looking for high quality, sustainable furnishing products that can last a long time as well as furniture solutions that are flexible enough to adapt to changing needs through the years. This trend calls for modular, easily movable and multi-purpose furniture that renters can use in many different ways and even take with them if they decide or need to move, ensuring that they have more flexibility and choices.

As interior designers, it is our job to help clients make informed decisions by using our flair for design and passion for decorating. At Flaunt Interiors, our innovative interior solutions are inspirational, decorative and functional for today’s lifestyle, and are all within your budget. If you have any questions about we can help you find the best modular products, please contact us by clicking here. To learn more about the design services we have to offer, please click here.