How Flaunt Interiors Helped A Client Finalise Their Home’s Interiors

Seema Sahni |

How Flaunt Interiors Helped A Client Finalise Their Home’s Interiors

When it comes to adding the finishing touches to the interiors of your home, there is generally a big divide between what is planned and what gets executed. Ensuring that your dreams are realized and getting it to match what already exists in your home can be quite a challenge if you’re not ready for it.

At Flaunt Interiors, we understand the paradigm of interior design and always want the best for our clients. We work with clients in order to create interiors that reflect their style. Occasionally we have clients who have a brilliant dream for the interiors of their home but are unsure if it matches. At times like this, we take the time to explain details to clients that they may have overlooked while they're questioning their choices.

Keep reading to learn about we helped a client who was confused about their home’s interiors.

The Challenge: An unsure, picky and undecided client.

Every person has a vision for their home and generally visualize what their home will look like with the interiors they have planned to purchase. Sometimes this vision doesn't translate into reality as there is an inability to define what they have in mind or are confused by the numerous choices they have.

We once had a client who wanted to purchase wall art and furniture for their living room. However, the client was very picky and found it difficult to describe what their style was and couldn’t make a final decision about what they really wanted.

Due to this, there was a fair bit of guesswork in the beginning that was all promptly rejected as being not the client’s style.

The Solution: An empathetic approach with renderings and fabric swatches.

As a designer, once you understand the client’s needs, you have to sell a vision that matches their requirements. We took our time to understand the likes and dislikes of our client and were able to rule out what the client would not be interested in.

Once we narrowed down our options, while introducing the client to a design or a specific furniture piece, we used words that invoked feelings and emotions. We described the furniture in great detail such as how the fabric feels and what it would be like to sit in a comfy chair with your feet on the ottoman, reading a book, etc.

To help the client get a better idea, we provided dimensions and specifics like “this new chair is more than four inches wider and six inches deeper than your current chair.”

By combining an empathetic selling style with renderings and fabric swatches, we helped this client mentally visualize the setting better. Once a decision was made, we constantly reassured the client that the interiors of their new home would be a pristine reflection of who they are. The client was eventually thrilled with the choices and continues to enjoy the interiors of their home.

The Bottom Line

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