Common Mistakes People Make In Interior Design

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Taking charge of your home’s interior design can be an exciting experience as you get to redo things the way you like. However, many people get carried away by the latest trends they see on Instagram and Pinterest and end up with interiors that look nothing like they wanted.

Before you get straight to designing, you need to recognize the concepts that will improve the aesthetics of a room. Simple things like the arrangement of furniture, measurements, and the height of portraits and paintings can make a world of difference if you understand how they impact the design of the whole room.

To help you learn these primary principles and avoid some basic errors in interior design that could prove to be costly, Flaunt Interiors has put together a list of the most common mistakes people make in interior design.

1. Arranging furniture flush against a wall.

Instead of arranging furniture flush against a wall, try conversational furniture placements which focus on grouping accents. Pull pieces toward one another and off the walls to create more intimate, useful seating.

2. Not measuring a room.

Map out your space before committing to décor to avoid overcrowding or under-furnishing the space, for this you must keep gathering dimensions. Mark the height, width, and even the depth of furniture pieces by using blue painter’s tape on the walls. This way you can see how much space you actually have to work with, instead of guessing.

3. Following design trends.

Make it personal! Ask yourself, “What does this space mean to me? What are the colors and textures I love, and what is the feeling that I want to have when I get home?” Push trends aside, and make design choices based on your personal aesthetic to create a space that you’ll love for years to come.

4. Getting too “matchy-matchy.”

A common design mistake is the desire to have everything match too well. For example, making sure all of the wood in your living room is the same type of weathered tone. Instead, mix and match pieces to add a little variation to your space.

5. Hanging art too high.

Art should always be hung at eye level, and that’s usually between five feet and three inches to five feet and eight inches. Use a removable hook to test the placement, and wait a few weeks before hanging it permanently.

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