Blinds vs. Curtains - Which One Will Serve You Better This Winter

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Whether you’re finishing your new home or refurbishing an old one or even just getting winter-ready, the one detail that always matters is the window treatment. In today’s world market and reigning trends, you’ll come across several ideas, but one of the most difficult choices you’ll have to tackle is this: blinds vs. curtains.

It’s not all about how both of these window treatments can visually affect your home’s aesthetics. It’s also about their functional value to your lifestyle. So, if you’re agonizing over which one to choose, here’s a guide on which one will serve you better this winter.


Blinds vs. Curtains - Which One Will Serve You Better This Winter

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Many people wonder if window blinds are better than curtains, simply because of their modern constitution. But the fact of the matter is that it all boils down to the personal choice in the end. But when it comes to blinds, you’ll definitely get sleeker, simpler, and more elegant options. This is one of the major reasons why blinds attract contemporary sensibilities the most. We’ve been conditioned to relate clean and sleek things with advancement, whereas curtains take a little more time, customization, and visual maneuvering to feel truly fit for a specific space. Keeping that in mind, let’s take a look at some qualities of blinds:

Relatively inexpensive

One of the best qualities of blinds is that they’re relatively less expensive than heavy curtains and drapes. But this is a very vague benchmark because blinds tend to get more and more expensive as you keep adding more qualities to them i.e. special finishes, designs, automation, etc.

Minimalistic and futuristic design

The straightforward and minimalist design of contemporary blinds definitely provides them with an extra edge. They make a great backdrop for the rest of the interior design and furnishings that take up a home interior. They mostly come in soft colours, but you can definitely find a few with bolder patterns or hues if you want to take things up a notch.

However, the best part is how some blinds are becoming automated. They can be remotely controlled to either open up or close down depending on your needs. These days, you can even find lockable blinds for extra security! It’s certainly a level up from typical cords if you’re ready for the extra splurge!

Blinds vs. Curtains - Which One Will Serve You Better This Winter 

Better control of incoming natural light

If there’s one thing that really makes blinds a worthy choice it’s that they provide excellent light control. Whether you want to diffuse the light to a certain degree or want total blackout, you can find several options for both.

Huge variety

One of the best parts of picking blinds as a window treatment is that there are so many varieties available in the market these days. You can opt for vertical blinds if you’ve got narrower windows while horizontal blinds are one of the top choices for French doors. You can even find wood finished blinds, pleated blinds, and even specialized choices such as honey-comb blinds that are opaque enough to filter the outdoor light stunningly. You can even opt for black-out blinds if you don’t want anyone peeking in!

Easy maintenance

The very last thing that works well in the favor of blinds is that they’re highly easy to maintain. They can be easily dusted off and their minimalistic design ensures they don’t accumulate a lot of dirt to begin with!


Blinds vs. Curtains - Which One Will Serve You Better This Winter

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Curtains are old-school and a totally classic choice that has been given several contemporary make-overs over the years. They’re perfect for adding some unique style and texture to a room, but they also evoke a cozy, homely aura that can never be achieved with modern blinds. Here are some qualities of curtains that you should definitely know about if you’re considering this window treatment:

More expensive

The price range of curtains tends to be a bit on the expensive side. It all actually depends on the quality of the cloth and the lining you want with it. You’ll also have to invest in durable and quality curtain rods along with the fabric and tailoring.
 Blinds vs. Curtains - Which One Will Serve You Better This Winter
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Can be a hassle to clean

The biggest hassle you’ll face with curtains is that they’re extremely hard to clean – especially the heavier drapes. You’ll need to invest in the annual professional cleaning to avoid any unsavory dirt and smudges.

Less light control

These days, we have the options for both blackout and sheer curtains, so light control isn’t as rigid as it used to be. But compared to blinds, curtains definitely have fewer options.

So, this is the major difference between curtains and blinds. Blinds are a relatively inexpensive choice that gives better control of incoming natural light. On the other hand, curtains can give a decorative edge to the room but can be a hassle to clean. We’ll leave the final choice up to you, as everything is clearly dependent on your preference and needs more than anything else.

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