About Seema Sahni, Flaunt Interiors - Interior Designer & Feng Shui Expert in Edmonton, AB

Experienced Interior Designer & Decorator in Edmonton, AB. A flair for design, a passion for designing, an eye for visualizing, and my creativity lead me to my career in interior design.

Hi! I’m Seema Sahni and I started my journey as an interior designer in 2012.

As a child whenever I would go shopping, I never quite understood why I was always drawn towards home goods over the fashion department. My face would light up with excitement when I browsed for furniture and accessories in a store.

I started my career in Real Estate and opened my brokerage in 2003, which is still operating successfully. Practicing Real Estate was my everyday job but interior decorating and designing gave me immense excitement. I would take so much pride accessorizing my home and helping family and friends with beautifying their spaces. The appreciation for my work was great and soon made me realize that I had a unique talent. This talent was not “just a hobby” but a deep passion.

The desire to create elegant, inspirational and beautiful spaces lead me to start my journey in design. I completed my certification in interior decorating from a school in Texas. My next wish was to travel to Denver to get my practitioner’s license in Feng Shui so I could design spaces with positive energy which would bring an abundance of prosperity to each space and individual I shared my work with.

I took my first steps in showcasing my talent when my husband Sunny Sahni, gave me the chance to design two of his show homes. Impressed with my work and driven by the positive feedback, I was given the biggest break of my career in 2016 when I had the opportunity to design the largest show home in Edmonton which was built by my Husband Sunny under Platinum Signature homes. His support in my work gave me the chance to live my dream of being an interior designer.

I started Flaunt interiors in 2016 with opening my interior design and furniture store which not only offers interior design services but the opportunity to purchase exclusive modern furniture, accessories, art, and furnishings for your home or office across Edmonton, Alberta.

The immense pleasure I feel when I create dream spaces for my clients who fall in love with their homes makes me feel very lucky. Your home is your sanctuary and I'm grateful that I have the opportunity to bring so much beauty and elegance into my clients' lives and to be able to spread the light through my talent.

I am a proud Mom of 3 handsome boys, a fortunate wife and my career in interior decorating and design completes me.

Seema Sahni.