Bathroom Faucets

It might not be something you considered, but a bathroom faucet can be as much of a statement piece as something practical. A bathroom faucet is a tailored expression of both personal style and intended purpose, so choosing the right one is more important than you may think. Faucets also come in a multitude of different styles and finishes, allowing for customization when upgrading your bathroom sink.

Bathroom Faucets


This is the standard choice, and often the most popular. With a clean, minimalist look, this faucet also takes up less counter space than other types. This makes for a simple installation and maintenance as well.


This faucet can be summarized in one word: convenience. It is compact and ideal for small bathroom spaces as the spout and handles make up one connected piece.


This contemporary-style faucet is designed to complement a vessel sink.  are taller than average as vessel sinks sit higher than other types. They usually come with a single handle, but there are exceptions.


This classic style of faucet is what you may picture when thinking ‘bathroom faucet’. It’s designed for pedestal sinks or larger vanity areas.


This less conventional and increasingly popular contemporary design is mounted on the wall behind the sink. This faucet is ideal for sinks with minimal countertop space.