InterioMasters exemplifies prosperity of a luxurious North American lifestyle through their beautiful and unique wall coverings. Canadian owned, family run, and based in beautiful British Columbia are just a few reasons why Flaunt Interiors is exclusive to InterioMasters.

Why Choose InterioMasters for Your Home?

The place where we reside is one of the most intimate parts of our life. It sets the mood not only for ourselves but also for those stepping into our home. A home is a place of dreams, that should be an extension of its inhabitants personal and unique tastes. A room that is encased by unique and luxurious wall finishings can contribute to personifying a space. A bright and alive wall can provide the right buzz to enhance the life of the people who share the space. InterioMaster’s legendary range of innovative and trendsetting products aspires to create an unforgettable experience that adds personality to a home.

Having blah walls is one of the paramount concerns of many homeowners. There are many ways to make the walls of a room stand out. InterioMasters collection includes 3D bamboo wall panels, expressive faux leather panels, contemporary UV sheets, acclaimed vinyl murals, and translucent resin sheets.

InterioMasters Wall Enhancement Products

  • 3D Wall Panels

The latest and most advanced look is high-quality 3D wall panels. These wall panels completely change the way a wall looks and creates an atmosphere of beauty and charm. The 3D effect of these wall panels adds the ultimate dimension and character to the wall.

  • Faux Leather Panels

If you are looking for a more sophisticated look, Faux Leather panels may be the perfect addition to your home. Not only do InterioMasters leather panels provide style and texture, they create a softness to the wall that you can add in literally any area of your home to achieve that luxury style.

  • Translucent Resin Sheets

The illusion of a window or room divider that offers privacy is becoming increasingly popular and can be easily achieved with Translucent Resin Sheets. Even better, you can customize these products with your style to create the function and view you want.

  • Vinyl Murals

One of Flaunt Interiors most favorite and requested products through InterioMasters are Vinyl Murals. Vinyl Murals literally make your walls come to life without having to add texture. Flaunt Interiors is proud and honoured to work with a Canadian company who makes wall coverings that truly stand out from the rest!

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