Accessorizing is a big part of interior design. The right accessories add variety and contrast to a room. There is also a large selection available so that they can be changed out depending on the season, your mood or your tastes.  Finding high tier art pieces, sculptures, rugs, mirrors, decals and more has never been easier. Flaunt Interiors has a wide selection to choose from, allowing you to mix and match to give your room that extra touch it needs.

Tips for Accessorizing Your Room

  • Pick accessories that are the right size for your room. Nothing makes a space more awkward than a rug that’s too big, or a painting that’s too small. It leaves the room looking haphazardly put together. Make sure that you know what size of accessory from Flaunt Interiors you need so that your room looks just right. 
  • Combine colors and textures to make your room colors pop. While neutral shades such as grey, beige or white are great for furnishings and walls, accessories should bring the right colors and textures to compliment them. Selecting these kinds of items will add visual interest to your space.  Flaunt Interiors has a wide variety of accessories that are the perfect contrasting shade to your room, or the texture that stands out the right way.
  • Layering accessories gives more to your space. Like a trifle, layers of accessories ranging from large pieces to small ones set near or around makes a space look elegant. It also makes the room appear less cluttered and more organized. Flaunt Interiors stocks a variety of item sizes, ranging from large to small, allowing for more possibilities while maintaining the right balance needed.