The Perfect Accents 

Flaunt Interiors carries a wide, varied selection of gorgeous art pieces that can add to your room. Take your time looking through our stock to find the right accents for your room, and find what compliments it the best. Choose something that stands out, or something that blends in. Our store has many styles to match any room. Consult with one of Flaunt Interiors’ professional design consultants to determine what you want and what will suit your room best.

Choosing Art for Your Room

Knowing what the overall aesthetic you are aiming for in your home helps when making the right selection. Designing the right atmosphere depends solely on the relationship between the art pieces selected, and what their surroundings will be.  Choosing art that balances out your bedroom, makes your living room inviting, compliments your bathroom or makes your kitchen feel warmer should be a personal choice, and one that helps the positivity of your home flourish.

The creation of a bright atmosphere in the room while complementing its energy is what the design consultants at Flaunt Interiors can help you achieve. 

Be considerate of the space, color scheme and lighting in your room. The idea of a good art piece is to contrast, not clash. A design consultant at Flaunt Interiors will know which pieces will best suit the colors of the room you are decorating, allowing you to make the best choice and the choice based on your tastes. Choose art pieces that will not be too big for the walls or the space you plan on placing it in, or too small. It’s best to measure the space you want to hang something to avoid purchasing something that won’t fit. Finally, be mindful of the lighting in the room as natural light will cause paintings to fade, while it brings out the beauty in prints. Choose wisely based on how well lit the area is.