Built in Closet Systems from Italy

Unlike Walk in Closets, Built in Closets are made for smaller spaces. These storage units are compact, allowing for clothing and accessories to be better organized and encourages de-cluttering. It is cost effective for those who want something space saving, something that looks luxurious and something that is low maintenance. Flaunt Interiors has many options of built in closet systems available at our store. This allows us to have more options available for our clients, so that they can better decide what style, build, and size will fit their wants and needs.

Benefits of Installing a Built in Closet

Built In Closets maximize the unused space in your room by reducing the need for bulky storage units like dressers and shelves. This gives you more space and lets energy flow through, giving you peace of mind. Built in Closets add value to your home, so if you decide to move, this upgrade to your bedroom will catch buyer’s attention and make your home eye-catching. This option can be upgraded for your tastes and needs, whether you need more shelves for shoes or more space to hang shirts and coats. Built in Closets can also be upgraded with the installation of a mirror, which doubles its use as a dressing space.

Why From Italy?

When Flaunt Interiors announces that one of our products comes from Italy, that means it is made with quality materials, is painstakingly crafted and is authentically luxurious. Italian products have often been associated with quality, high specialization and differentiation, elegance, and strong links to experienced and famous Italian industrial districts often connected with the concept of luxury. These glamorous pieces of furniture from Flaunt Interiors are designed to give your room a sense of style that is as unique as you are.