Flaunt Interiors Proudly Supplies Custom Furniture

Flaunt Interiors carries a large selection of custom furniture including chairs, barstools and tables that are Canadian made with an environmental conscience!

If you have ever redesigned and redecorated your home you know how hard it can be to find the perfect chairs to match your updated style! The pieces that Flaunt Interiors offers come in many styles that you can customize to your individual needs! Working with wood, metal and glass, our distributor is able to offer an almost infinite variety of dimensions, fabrics and finishes – allowing you to build the perfect piece of furniture.

Made With an Eye on the Environment

Our custom furniture suppliers recycle 100% of all internally-generated scraps and sources recycled materials for their furniture as much as possible. Moreover, their furniture is designed to be taken apart and repaired when needed. Say goodbye to disposable furniture!

We offer chairs, barstools and tables made from renewable wood sources in Quebec, Canada. However, if you prefer a different material than wood other choices are available like recycled and recyclable steel, aluminum, and plastics. The paint used is all VOC free! We’re committed to sourcing custom furniture from suppliers who carefully control their manufacturing process to be as green as possible without affecting quality or durability.

A Commitment to Local Sustainability

Our custom furniture designs are inspired by European modernism, and the products are built to last a lifetime. All custom furniture is hand-built by skilled craftsmen in Canada. They use the highest standard-of-art quality checks before leaving their factory. The manufacturing processes are carefully controlled to be as green as possible without affecting quality or durability.

Custom Furniture Built to Last

The use of cutting-edge technology and processes from end to end ensure incomparable quality. Heavy-gauge steel is used for durable and efficient welding joints. All stool bases are fully welded to guarantee that they will not loosen. For the surface treatment of metal parts, we use high–temperature baked powder coating. This painting process is lead-free, environmentally safe and non-toxic.

All of our custom furniture designs have been submitted with success to the Quality Control Test of 36 500 cycles simulating a 250 pound person sitting down and standing up 10 times a day, 365 days a year, during 10 years.

Our commitment to quality custom furniture is backed by an industry-leading 10-year limited warranty.