Bubble Wall

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What Is a Bubble Wall?

A Bubble Wall is a clear acrylic panel filled with water that is designed to showcase a beautiful underwater environment. They display a magical flow of bubbles dancing to the water's surface, used to relieve stress and anxiety. They are all built with effects of color-changing LED lighting which makes them not only mesmerizing and appealing but also energy efficient.

The Whole Body Benefits of Bubble Walls

Bubble Walls are a beautiful thing. Take the tranquility of a water fountain, but enclose it to make it easier to maintain, and you’ve got the dazzling appeal of a Bubble Wall panel!

Bubble Wall water features also come with numerous health benefits. The water feature can relieve stress, promote relaxation, and naturally induce tranquility after a busy or stressful day. The sound of a Bubble Wall can also help block out aggravating sounds like traffic while being a great visual piece. When you install a Bubble Wall you you get a soothing, interesting conversation piece that breathes life into your home, business, or facility.

White noise, such as ocean waves, is defined as noise containing many frequencies with equal intensities. Studies have found when the brain hears white noise, we can hear any number of things and we are able to relax, let go of our thoughts and let the noise wash over us. If you add white noise to meditation you can more easily be present in the moment and directly experience things as they are. Simply imagine settling into your bedroom, as you listen to the bubbles wash away your busy day!

Ways to Showcase the Beauty of a Bubble Wall

Enjoyment in a lobby or office where many people come in and out
• Distraction in a waiting room where patients tend to be nervous or anxious
• Relaxation anywhere you want a sensory, therapeutic feature
• Enhanced ambiance and beauty for any environment
• Amplified branding with a custom logo reflecting your business

Bubble Walls are available in various sizes and designs to be focal points wherever they’re placed, they showcase dancing bubbles inside their walls, creating ever-changing and moving artwork. Because Bubble Walls can be custom-created to meet the desires of their owners, they can include various features — such as LED lighting, custom logos, shaped glass, and curved or serpentine structures.

Lifetime Warranty Against Leaks

Bubble Walls will provide you with peace of mind through a lifetime warranty against leaks.  Additionally, the air pump and LED lighting are guaranteed for 2 years.

Our Bubble Walls are all designed as a closed loop system. This prevents any water contamination and eliminates the possibility of evaporation.

Whether it’s your business or home, Bubble Walls allow you to enjoy an exceptional space that’s relaxing, tranquil, and stress free. Flaunt Interiors is an exclusive designer of custom made Bubble Walls and will assist you in creating your perfect tranquil environment.