Green Walls (faux)

What are Green Walls?

A Green Wall is a vertically built structure that is intentionally covered by vegetation. As these walls are made of live plants, they normally feature some kind of irrigation to allow the plants long term survival. Green Walls offer a multitude of benefits, which include decreasing anxiety, stress, and mental fatigue by providing a natural element that creates a more refreshing atmosphere. When decorating, Green Walls make an urban space eye-catching and visually stunning. Adding a Green Wall to a brick or concrete room can make the space feel more vibrant, creating a beautiful contrast that will be absolutely stunning.

Faux Green Walls

For those who love the benefits that Green Walls provide, but don’t want the hassle of maintaining it, the litter or have allergies, Flaunt Interiors has Faux Green Walls available. Faux Green Walls have several additional benefits to Green Walls. They can be in full bloom all year around, so that you continue to have non stop lush vibrance in your home. Faux Green Walls are long lasting, able to look brand new for up to ten years. Not only are Faux Green Walls a great alternative for those who have allergies to plants, they also add no extra costs after they are installed.

Maintenance to keep your Faux Green Wall looking lustrous only takes a seasonal clean to repel dust. Once installed, live green walls will need regular maintenance by pruning and cleaning your plants so that the wall will maintain its original look. Maintaining the irrigation system that traditional live Green Walls is incredibly tedious, and often requires the services of a specialist. All of these needs to keep a live Green Wall healthy can be extraordinarily costly. For those who only want the aesthetic and de-stressing benefits, a Faux Green Wall from Flaunt Interiors is a low maintenance, cost effective choice.