Creative minds think “artlike”!

People typically hire an interior designer because they are looking for something custom, unique, and new, which is why Flaunt Interiors is an exclusive retailer for Vahallan wallpapers.

The History of Vahallan Wallpaper

The name Vahallan comes from the Norse mythology term “Valhalla” – the great hall in which heroes slain in battle are received in honor, glory, and happiness. Pronounced vuh-HALL-an.

Vahallan is a hand painted wall covering manufacturer based out of Lincoln, Nebraska. Since 1997, Vahallan has worked with interior designers to help clients dream up and deliver successful one of a kind, painted wall coverings.

Vahallan is a to-the-trade manufacturer, which means they only sell directly to licensed interior designers and showrooms.

Why Choose Vahallan Wallpaper?

Vahallan inspires exciting designs with dynamic combinations of color and texture through using new materials, colors, and fearless experimentation! Vahallan’s work is distinguished by constant evolution and innovation plus an amazing and extremely talented team. The team consists of highly skilled collaborative artists who perform all of the roles at Vahallan with determination, passion and creativity and these are just a few of their common threads of everyone in the company.

The elegant finishes, variations of textures and colors will enhance any project and with the assistance of your Flaunt Interiors Designer, we will help you assert your own sense of style while you can take pride in the fact that no two pieces are ever identical!  

Valhallan doesn’t just focus on making your walls look pretty they also deliver on unparalleled quality. Valhallans product is durable, long lasting and can mask minor wall imperfections.

How Can I Order Vahallan Wallpaper?

All of Vahallan’s products are custom made to fit your spaces and made to order only through a licensed interior design company, like Flaunt Interiors, who are exclusive to Vahallan!

Flaunt Interiors guarantees that you will love the richness, depth, and detail of your custom wall covering. Needless to say, Vahallan hand crafted wall coverings have set a new standard awe-inspiring trend and are here to stay!

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